Tourist to Traveler: 3 Essential Travel Etiquette Tips


As much as we may or may not love our home and chosen career, the time inevitably comes when we just need a break from the everyday. When this occasion strikes, air tickets are purchased, suitcases are jam-packed like a butcher stuffs a sausage casing, and the tired masses eagerly board planes due for a destination where they anticipate a week or two of rejuvenation under a tropical sun.

However, all too many go through these motions with nary a thought for the locals and fellow travelers that they are about to besiege with their off-base behavior. The tragic part of all this is that they often don’t realize that they are doing anything wrong...

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Nightlife in Sydney


It’s one of the most famous cities in the world, and for good reason. Sydney, which is the metropolitan state Capital of New South Wales in Australia, is a place where you will be spoilt for choice in terms of entertainment options, especially at night.

This bustling city seems to be bar-central, with tons of bars available for locals and foreigners to visit at any time of the day. As a starting point, why not visit the Hard Rock café for a spectacular view of the city? Rock memorabilia adorns the interior of this famous franchise, which seats over 500 people and is beautifully situated on Darling Harbour. If you are a fan of live music, then this is the place to be...

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3 Whitewater Rivers You Need To Run This Summer


While summer is now in full effect across much of the Northern Hemisphere, along with this much anticipated heat comes the unwelcome sensation that high humidity brings. Acting like a proverbial wet blanket that no amount of showers can clear away, the search for relief from this scourge can drive one mad.

If this is your predicament at the moment, might we kindly suggest a solution that won’t just provide relief, but will also stoke your need for adventure and fellowship with like-minded individuals? By taking to rushing rivers where cold spring water and melt water from snow and glaciers, you’ll get a full-fledged dose of cool, mixed in with a shot of adrenaline to boot!

In the coming months, hit up the following rivers if you haven’t done so already, and prepare for adventure that will...

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Historical Highlights of the American South


In the 400+ years that America has existed, both as a colony of the British Empire and as a sovereign country, its history has been filled with tragedy and moments of triumph. Perhaps no place in the nation has seen more drama than the American South. Embroiled in the Revolutionary War in the late 1700′s, the latter stages of the war of 1812, and being centre stage for the American Civil War of the 1860′s, the South’s past is filled with reminders of conflict.

However, outstanding reminders of its beauty and the spirit and intelligence of its people can also be found throughout this intriguing land, making a trip based around historical exploration a fruitful endeavour...

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Touring The Natural Assets of China


Home to a civilization that has inhabited this land for over 5,000 years, China is known around the world for its deeply influential culture. From The Great Wall of China, the longest and biggest fortification in the world in its time, to it diverse and flavourful cuisine, millions of travelers arrive in this heavily populated nation every year looking to experience one of the world’s most prominent nationalities for themselves.

Yet, despite the fact that much of China is crowded with an unfathomable population of over 1 billion people, there is also no shortage of natural wonders to discover here, which comes as a surprise to most visitors...

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Lanzarote: Most Intriguing & Inspiring Landscapes


As the summer months approach us with increasing speed, the rush is on to get those holiday reservations in before all the quality accommodations get snapped up by the masses. In search of a place that delivers virtually guaranteed sunshine, you have managed to narrow your search for a holiday destination to the Canary Islands.

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Exploration Excursion


Love to get out and about, no matter where in the world you are? I do too, and I find a fantastic way to do this, especially for those who aren’t so used to heading off on public transport in a foreign country, is to book several excursions.

Simple, cheap, and highly effective, excursions will slim down all the major attractions in the area into day trips, with the help of a knowledgeable guide. The same is true regardless of where you choose to book your next vacation be it in Thailand, England, Argentina or Costa Rica.

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England’s Essential Castles


With the brief window of pleasant weather that Britain gets startled by every summer (what is that bloody bright orb in the sky? It’s hurting my eyes…!) now wide open, there is no better time to experience this essential nation on the global travel circuit. While the country is famous for its music culture and it’s rapidly rising food scene, the overwhelming draw for most is it’s medieval past, celebrated widely in literature and film.

As a result, most people want to bag a castle or two before hopping aboard the Chunnel train for France. To avoid disappointment or experiencing that new modern day affliction, The Fear Of Missing Out, what castles are truly can’t miss attractions? After all, we want to be the ones doing the 1 upping when bragging amidst our travel friends, instead of feeli...

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Uncover Burma’s Cultural Treasures


For many years, Burma’s ruling class had shunned the world, as the former military regime kept tight controls on its people, earning condemnation and sanctions from the global community. Recently however, this has changed in a dramatic way, as the generals that had formerly ruled with an iron fist realized that they could no longer disregard the will of their citizens to decide their own destiny, stepping aside to allow democracy to run its course.

This turn of events has opened up the country, prompting many of the world’s major nations to drop their blockades to trade with this underdeveloped Southeast Asian nation, and for many of the world’s traveling public to let go of their opposition to going to Burma, as the outrage that had triggered their self-imposed travel ban departed with t...

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Intense Shopping Experiences In Hong Kong


For those new to the region, Hong Kong is the perfect place for any Asia neophyte to make their entrance into this vast continent. Glitzy, full of money, modern, and sophisticated, this city state takes its reputation as the New York City of Asia very seriously.

One area where this is unquestionably true is in the nature and depth of its shopping. From street markets, to opulent and exclusive boutiques, and vast shopping malls with every kind of shop you can think of (plus many more that you never thought could exist), Hong Kong has a shopping experience that is right for you.

Let’s delve into just a few of the options that await you in this prominent financial hub that sits on the doorstep of China … and let your shopping daydreams run wild!

Causeway Bay

The stimulating lights, massive...

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