5 Awesome Adventures To Experience In Cambodia


Whether interested in the culture, the landscape or the history of Cambodia, there are many different ways to have a memorable stay in the country. Experience the culture by joining the locals in daily activities. See the beauty of the location above or below the sea. Venture to rural areas and historic places.

Fishing the Mekong River

River adventure tours in Cambodia include the chance to experience the region by fishing the famous waterway. Here, anglers go in search of varied species that include giant catfish and stingray. When not fishing, see the unusual flooded forest, the Mekong waterfalls and come face-to-face with freshwater dolphins. Tours last four or more days, which provides ample opportunity to camp in remote regions and explore the interesting bio-diverse area.

Scuba Divin...

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Aruban Delights

Cuisines You Should Try When You’re in Aruba

Aruba is a beautiful paradise and one of the most favorite spot for vacation of most travelers because of its warm weather and mile long beaches lined up against crystalline waters. There is also variety of activities for an action filled vacation. During your vacation in Aruba it is also important to experience its local cuisines. Taking a walk down local streets or supermarkets can be an experience in itself. Aruba is filled with fast food eateries that will make Americans feel like they’re in their own backyard. The local cuisine is the best example of the culinary experience when you take a vacation abroad. The traditional local dishes in Aruba have an array of exotic flavors...

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5 Must-See Places in Vietnam


Vietnam is a stunning country whose history is dark but captivating, and a journey around this extraordinary country will never fail to impress and mesmerise any traveller. Following my own backpacking experience around Vietnam, I have put together my list of 5 highlights I experienced on my journey.

1. Hanoi

Vietnam’s hustling and bustling capital city is a great place to begin your adventure. I was exhausted when I first arrived in Hanoi airport; my friends and I had spent at least 24 hours travelling from the UK on just about every mode of transport available. However, once in the taxi heading from the airport through the city to our accommodation, I felt totally rejuvenated by the sights and vibrancy of the place.

It is a captivatingly beautiful city, perhaps not in the way Paris o...

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Traditional Food And Drinks Of The Maldives

maldive food

As an island with a strong Indian, Sri Lankan and Arabic influence, the picturesque islands of The Maldives are a culinary paradise, with fresh fish and curry dominating the menus of the countless luxury resorts in these tropical islands.

Here we take a look at some of the most popular dishes of the Maldives, ideal if you’re preparing for holiday or simply planning to surprise friends with an alternative to the traditional dinner party.


Fish Dishes

Being an island nation fish is readily available and accounts for the majority of Maldivian specialities, Particular favourites include Skipjack Tuna, Mushimas, Kuruma and Fiyala, all of which are used in the same way and boiled before the larger fish are used to make curries and soups while the smaller pieces are dried and used as ing...

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Byron Bay, Australia: Seaside Escape

Byron Bay Austalia
Dotting the shoreline of New South Wales Australia is a seaside town that boasts some of the best whale and sea turtle watching on the cape. Byron Bay captures some of the greatest views of the ocean. The rocky shores of lighthouses paint the canvas of the area. Consider opting for a car hire to help with your local touring to capture what is considered one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

Natural Attractions

Byron Bay offers the outdoor enthusiast a range of activities. Follow the lighthouse trail, a hefty walk or light car ride up the coast with several lighthouses leading to the Cape Byron Lighthouse. This excursion can lead to Arakwal National Park, which allows use of some beautiful untouched walks to the beach as well as excellent bird watching. The crowds are low as well...

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Vacation Tips to Maximize Fun and Minimize Expense

Family on vacation

Everyone that goes on vacation wants to save money, but saving money alone won’t make a memorable trip.  Cheap vacations that aren’t any fun are still a waste of money because you missed the primary reason for going on vacation, which is to have fun. If you utilize some crafty travel tips and techniques, there’s no reason you can’t do both.  Here are some tips for saving money on vacations without skimping on the fun.

Pick a Deal

Vacation deals are a great way to find cheap vacations that will knock down your cost, while still keeping the fun factor high.  Things like all-inclusive trips, last minute deals, different packages or joining travel clubs can help you to save quite a bit...

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How to Have a Truly Inspirational Travel Experience

Travel 1

inspiration travel image

People always seem to be searching for inspiration.  It may be career inspiration, relationship inspiration, fitness inspiration or something else, but we definitely love to be inspired.  The methods that people choose find inspiration can vary dramatically, and travel is one that can often get the job done.

Getting out of your comfort zone, out of your daily routine and even out of your country, can inspire you in all areas of your life.  If you’re looking for a truly inspirational travel experience, here are some valuable tips:

What Part Needs Inspiring?

If you really want a vacation experience that inspires you, start with the part of your life that you feel needs some inspiration...

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