Why you should give yourself a travel break in 2015

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Did you charge through 2014 like a warrior, killing it at work? If so, congratulations! You have advanced your career immeasurably by doing so, which is what the 97% of folks who just coast in their positions will never muster up the ambition to do. However, it is time you took some vacation time not just to celebrate, but to recharge.

While high achievers love to brag about their workaholic habits, such a pace is not sustainable, no matter how much bravado that might come with it. Don’t worry: this pause won’t hurt you. In fact, it will likely catapult you to new heights in the weeks and months that follow.

Before you commit us to the insane asylum, here are three killer reasons why you need to give yourself a travel break in 2015…

Travel is the muse that you have been looking for

When you hit the trail, you step outside the routine that develops when spend the majority of your time shuttling between familiar environments at home and work. With a change of scenery, the rules by which you live your everyday get altered … some go out the window altogether.

This forces you to adapt, and in doing so, you learn new things about your inner character, your life back home, and society in general. Seeing similar processes done differently in foreign environments gives you the chance to take these lessons back with you and apply them to your work and family life. This will almost always drive positive change, which will improve your life and those around you.

Release your pent up stress

In modern work environments, we are often forced to deal with toxic people in the course of plying our trade. While interactions such as these may be inevitable, choosing to stay immersed in these environments out of a sense of obligation to our employers or the companies that we run inflicts very real damage to our health over the long run.

When you go on holiday on a regular basis, you are opening up the pressure release valve within your body and soul, allowing the steam of negativity to float away into the ether. The alternative involves having it push your physical, mental, and emotional systems to the breaking point, which can cause a health emergency, burnout, or a nervous breakdown, all of which can have dangerous consequences for you and your loved ones.

Free up the bandwidth in your brain

While the internet has improved our quality of life in immeasurable ways, it has also opened the floodgates of data input. For some mystifying reason, many are obligated to sift through this raging torrent of digital characters as part of their job, a task that is about as fun as trying to charge forward while the water cannon from a fire engine is trained on your flimsy frame.

Simply put, our brains weren’t meant to cope with such an onslaught, thus making it essential to take a break from the online world, if only for two weeks per year.

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