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Uncover Burma’s Cultural Treasures


For many years, Burma’s ruling class had shunned the world, as the former military regime kept tight controls on its people, earning condemnation and sanctions from the global community. Recently however, this has changed in a dramatic way, as the generals that had formerly ruled with an iron fist realized that they could no longer disregard the will of their citizens to decide their own destiny, stepping aside to allow democracy to run its course.

This turn of events has opened up the country, prompting many of the world’s major nations to drop their blockades to trade with this underdeveloped Southeast Asian nation, and for many of the world’s traveling public to let go of their opposition to going to Burma, as the outrage that had triggered their self-imposed travel ban departed with t...

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Intense Shopping Experiences In Hong Kong


For those new to the region, Hong Kong is the perfect place for any Asia neophyte to make their entrance into this vast continent. Glitzy, full of money, modern, and sophisticated, this city state takes its reputation as the New York City of Asia very seriously.

One area where this is unquestionably true is in the nature and depth of its shopping. From street markets, to opulent and exclusive boutiques, and vast shopping malls with every kind of shop you can think of (plus many more that you never thought could exist), Hong Kong has a shopping experience that is right for you.

Let’s delve into just a few of the options that await you in this prominent financial hub that sits on the doorstep of China … and let your shopping daydreams run wild!

Causeway Bay

The stimulating lights, massive...

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