Lanzarote: Most Intriguing & Inspiring Landscapes


As the summer months approach us with increasing speed, the rush is on to get those holiday reservations in before all the quality accommodations get snapped up by the masses. In search of a place that delivers virtually guaranteed sunshine, you have managed to narrow your search for a holiday destination to the Canary Islands.

Located in the subtropics just off the coast of Africa, it is a place that many Europeans have counted on for an escape from the sometimes sketchy weather that the main European continent suffers from time to time. Each island has its own personality though, so it’s important to evaluate what each place has to offer before booking a hotel on a specific island.

For example, if you crave a place where the pace of life is more laid back, than frenetic Tenerife may not be the best choice for you. Booking your flights to Lanzarote with a trusted provider such as Thomas Cook is a far better option, as this isle has all the natural beauty of its more popular cousin, but with far fewer punters.

Still skeptical about the true beauty of this place? This post will uncover three places among the many intensely beautiful vistas that can be found on the island of Lanzarote … so let’s get right into it!

1) El Golfo Lago

Situated near a charming seaside village where enthusiastic locals will greet you in a friendly manner upon arrival, El Golfo Lago is an otherworldly lagoon that glows in an effervescent shade of neon green, delighting your visual senses at first sight. The colour of the water is caused by algae suspended in the water, and it stands out with the black sand of the adjacent beach and the orangish rock of the collapsed volcanic crater framing this amazing sight in a stunning manner.

2) Timanfaya National Park

Those looking to dig deeper into the volcanic origins of Lanzarote should take themselves and their cameras to Timanfaya National Park. Access of this park is restricted due to safety concerns, but despite the fact that you are confined to guided tours, the views that can be had here are no less impressive.

Standing in stark contrast to the lush tropical foilage that can be found on the coast, the landscape here in sparsely vegetated, and dominated by barren, rolling black to orange mountainscapes. Volcanic vents that periodically blow steam add an injection of excitement into the whole experience, making the journey well worth the time it takes to get there.

3) Papagayo Beach

If idyllic beaches are your idea of an amazing landscape, then a trip to Papagayo Beach will make your camera trigger finger very happy indeed. The sand is bright white, the water glows in that alluring shade of aqua green, and the volcanic rock cliffs complete a scene that will give you goosebumps, despite the fact that it is thirty degrees Centigrade outside.


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