Intense Shopping Experiences In Hong Kong


For those new to the region, Hong Kong is the perfect place for any Asia neophyte to make their entrance into this vast continent. Glitzy, full of money, modern, and sophisticated, this city state takes its reputation as the New York City of Asia very seriously.

One area where this is unquestionably true is in the nature and depth of its shopping. From street markets, to opulent and exclusive boutiques, and vast shopping malls with every kind of shop you can think of (plus many more that you never thought could exist), Hong Kong has a shopping experience that is right for you.

Let’s delve into just a few of the options that await you in this prominent financial hub that sits on the doorstep of China … and let your shopping daydreams run wild!

Causeway Bay

The stimulating lights, massive billboards, and modern shops of Causeway Bay will have you reaching for your wallet in short order, as the temptations to spend are situated everywhere in this frenetic place. Unlike other provincial places that roll up the sidewalk at 9 ‘o clock, Causeway Bay keeps going well into the evening, with many shops staying open until midnight.

Hot Korean and Japanese fashions figure prominently in many of the mini-malls, while those seeking trusted brands should make SOGO Causeway Bay a visit. All things considered, take your time here and explore, as you will truly be surprised by what you find!

Tsim Sha Tsui

Situated in Kowloon along Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui is more classical Hong Kong experience, with the oversized older Chinese signs hanging precariously above your head. Browse among the surplus goods that stream in from China on a daily basis and try to find a killer deal, and those looking to roll up their sleeves and haggle over Hong Kong dollars will have plenty of opportunity to do so at the Temple Street night market, where one can peruse over a wide selection of smartphones, designer sunglasses, and intricate watches. Do watch out for fakes, of which there are many!

IFC Mall

If strolling through a state of the art shopping mall is high on your list of things to do in Hong Kong, or if the humidity is simply killing you as it often can during the summer here, then heading to the IFC Mall will prove to be an afternoon well spent. Situated at the base of one of Hong Kong’s tallest towers, it offers the latest and best luxury brands around, a cinema with the latest in movie viewing technology, and a viewing platform near the top of the tower that will grant you some of the best views of Hong Kong that can be found anywhere in this city.

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