First Timers Guide to Orlando

photo by CC user cdharrison on Flickr

Orlando is the city of fun. With over a dozen amusement parks at your disposal, great weather all year round, and genuinely friendly people, you can’t go wrong. If you are planning your first trip to Orlando, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. From the multitude of Disney theme parks to Universal Studios to The Holy Land adventure and more, you could spend a week exploring Orlando and not make it to every park. We have decided to help you out by giving you the rundown on the most popular parks in Orlando.

Walt Disney World

You have to start with the original, to be sure. Built back in the early 1970’s, Walt Disney World is a playground designed to feed young imaginations. Home to many of your favorite childhood characters, you can’t go wrong with a day or two here. There are many parks within the Disney family so don’t feel like you are stuck to just one of them.

Smart travelers will try to book a hotel in Orlando which is a part of the Disney family. While you pay for the convenience of staying inside the park, you’ll love the perks that come along with it.

Universal Studios

If the magic of Disney wasn’t enough for you, movie magic is available for you to appreciate when you step foot into Universal Studio’s. Become part of an Indiana Jones action movie or practice your incantations on the set of Harry Potter. If movies aren’t your thing, don’t forget that television shows play a large role in the experience you’ll have at this amusement park too. You’ll never feel like you’re a normal human being again after you’ve experienced all Universal Studio’s has to offer.

The Holy Land Experience

Not everyone is looking for fun and games the time. If you want to explore the spiritual side of Orlando, head over to the Holy Land Experience. You will walk through a recreation of ancient Jerusalem and get the chance to explore old markets and cafes. Should you get hungry, you’ll even be able to try authentic food with recipes which date back thousands of years. Just don’t get lost while exploring the desert cave replicas were the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. We won’t be around to find you.


Wonder what this is? If you are looking for an Indoor Amusement Park, 4-D theater, ropes course, laser tag, comedy shows and more, look no further than WonderWorks. You can buy a package deal which includes all of this plus unlimited dinner, if you want to make your planning as easy as possible. Don’t say we didn’t try to help you.

Discovery Cove

Where in the world can you swim with dolphins, feed birds, play near otters and walk on the ocean floor? At Discovery Cove, of course. This is a sister park to SeaWorld but much less traveled which means you won’t have to deal with the crowds you would in other water and amusement parks. We suggest you head here if you are looking for a calmer experience while in Orlando.

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