The North Is Calling And I Must Go: Experiencing Finnish Lapland This Winter


This fall, while the nippy winds are previewing the travails of the coming cold season, your friends and family will likely be wistfully dreaming of a warm tropical beach. While this will cause them to plan their holidays in a very predictable manner, your plans are running counter to theirs, as you actually love the snow and cold that comes with the most maligned season of all.

You desire to experience the best spots to embrace winter in the world, and this year, your sights have been squarely set on the northerly reaches of Finnish Lapland. Located around the portion of Scandinavia that sits at and above the Arctic Circle, if there is one place that is winter, this place is it.

Those willing to take a chance on this region will be rewarded for their courage, as there are many aspects to Finnish Lapland that will appeal greatly to you. Let’s go over a few of them with you right now…

Cross-country ski through a fairytale forest

During the latter parts of the winter when daylight is more abundant, strapping on a pair of cross country skis and gliding through the woods is an incredible way to get in touch with Finnish Lapland’s natural soul. With snow clinging to bare branches and returning birds singing on them, there is no better way to get into touch with nature and yourself by getting out onto its trails.

Experience a traditional Finnish sauna

All those aggressive strides that one undertakes while in the process of charging through the Finnish countryside are bound to leave you with sore muscles at the end of the day. One way to sooth your body while unwinding with the locals is to join them for a Finnish sauna.

Bear in mind that this often entails jumping into a freezing cold lake during the course of your time in this steam-filled chamber, as the contrast is said to invigorate your spirit in addition to your body.

Behold the magical mystery of the Northern Lights

In the northern latitudes of the world, it is easy to scope out and take in the fireworks in the sky that is triggered by the collision of cosmic radiation in outer space with the Earth’s magnetic field. The end result is an eerie glow known as the Northern Lights, and with the better infrastructure in this portion of the world compared to other places that have land in subarctic regions, you can enjoy this show while reclining in relative comfort.

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