Make 2016 the year you discover Charleston

photo by CC user daveynin on Flickr

Looking to explore America this summer? Make this the year that you discover Charleston. A charming southern city that has stayed more or less the same since the Antebellum days, walking its streets are often an attraction in themselves.

If you are looking for a bit more to do than that. Be sure to add the following points of interest to your itinerary…

1) Stroll the City Market

With abundant fertile farmland surrounding Charleston, its no surprise that its City Market is the place to be on any given day.

With numerous gourmet food vendors, as well as many other artisans that deal in goods such as shoes, jewelry and the market’s signature craft (sweetgrass baskets), you’ll find it hard to leave the grounds without having made at least one impulse purchase.

2) Tour a plantation house

Despite their checkered past with respect to the African slave trade, there are many stately looking planation houses around Charleston that are well worth the trip for their architecture, as well as their place in American history.

Drayton Hall is one of the best ones to see if you are short on time, as its Palladian design exudes power, and there are numerous sights like the African American Cemetery and Memorial give the shameful episode that was the era of slavery a human face.

3) Check out the Magnolia Gardens

With the sub-tropical climate that Charleston enjoys, there is a great deal of potential for the growth of a wide variety of flora. There are few places in this part of the South that demonstrates this best than the Magnolia Gardens.

On the grounds of a plantation house of the same name, this property became better known for its gardens after the Reverend John Grimke-Drayton poured his financial resources into them once he inherited the property in the 1840’s.

There are many highlights here, from a hedge maze, to an arboretum called the Barbados Tropical Garden, so take your time and enjoy the displays of beauty of what will hopefully be a beautiful day in the Deep South.

4) Inspect the grounds of Fort Sumter

While the Civil War barely wounded any of Charleston’s building stock, the opening shots of the conflict resulted in the Union forces losing Fort Sumter to the Confederates in 1861.

Marking the first aggressive action that the secessionists took against the federal government, the grounds of this island fortress are not only an excellent day trip from the busy centre of Charleston, but they are a physical embodiment of the beginning of one of the saddest chapters in US history.

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