Byron Bay, Australia: Seaside Escape

Byron Bay Austalia
Dotting the shoreline of New South Wales Australia is a seaside town that boasts some of the best whale and sea turtle watching on the cape. Byron Bay captures some of the greatest views of the ocean. The rocky shores of lighthouses paint the canvas of the area. Consider opting for a car hire to help with your local touring to capture what is considered one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

Natural Attractions

Byron Bay offers the outdoor enthusiast a range of activities. Follow the lighthouse trail, a hefty walk or light car ride up the coast with several lighthouses leading to the Cape Byron Lighthouse. This excursion can lead to Arakwal National Park, which allows use of some beautiful untouched walks to the beach as well as excellent bird watching. The crowds are low as well. Nearby Belongil Beach has a large stretch that is free of charge as well as permitted swimming year-round.

If you stay close to the tip of Byron Bay, there are several ecological tours as well as horseback riding along the shore. One of the most inclusive is the Mountain Bike Tours of Byron Bay. The unique coastal distance to outdoor activities make Byron Bay an inexpensive and luxurious way to spend a holiday. In just a small radius, you can see sea turtles by snorkeling, scuba dive, and even freedive into the clear water.

Relaxation and Retreats

Due to the serene nature of this Australian coast, consider a car hire to take you to a refuge such as a spa, resort, or even creative endeavors such as an arts class. There are three major areas that Byron Bay excels in in terms of mind and body experiences:

Yoga & Health Exercise

Byron Bay hosts a diverse array of yoga retreats of all flavors, such as hatha yoga and Vinyasa. The Buddha Gardens Balinese Day Spa not only offers a sanctuary of natural beauty, but includes a plunge pool sauna. Afterwards, have a bit of herbal tea to complete the trip after visiting the lighthouses in the area.

Art & Design

Byron Bay is no stranger to picturesque views. As a result, there are many oppotunities to get your photograph taken, make your own photography, or participate in an art studio. Trying a hand at painting can be a convenient way to share in the experience of all this beach town has to offer. The laid-back bohemian lifestyle has given a unique perspective to the artists and paintings associated with the town. In fact, many of the art galleries are located just 1 kilometer near the center of the bay. There are over two dozen art galleries that are large and small. They display everything from sculpture gardens to original paintings using local materials.

Great Eats 

No trip is complete without a sampling of local cuisine. As a coastal town with a bohemian artist flair, Byron Bay offers unique cuisine:

  • Gourmet varieties of locally caught fish
  • Health foods that use local ingredients
  • Obscure menu items such as seaweed cuisine and french snails

Byron Bay is a glimpse into Australia’s laid back beach personality side. Consider visiting this beach town, known by the Aboriginal people as “meeting place”.

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