Best pubs in Galway, Ireland

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While Dublin has many charms for foreign visitors, it is only the front door to the gorgeous nation that is Ireland. As one explores the remainder of this nation, they are bound to come across the western port city of Galway.

With only 70,000 people, this portion of the country feels much more like the authentic Emerald Isle that one would expect to see when arriving here from abroad. One element of that legend is Ireland’s pub scene, which is something that Galway excels at exceptionally.

In that vein, the best pubs in Galway will deliver an evening out that will satisfy your greatest expectations.

Tig Coili

If an authentic Irish pub atmosphere is what you are after, then spending some time at Tig Coili will ensure that your night out in Galway will be a gratifying one. With numerous décor touches creating a cosy environment and a full slate of traditional Celtic music on offer in the evenings, you will be in a place you had always envisioned visiting during your flight to Ireland.

While they don’t have a kitchen, the company of strangers that feel like long lost friends will make up for this small deficiency, as will the hospitality of the bar staff that you encounter during your time here.

Quays Bar

Located at the heart of Galway’s nightlife district, Quay’s Bar is the perfect place to situate yourself for a bout of day drinking or an evening pint. Doing so is a realistic prospect even in the colder months of the year, as the heat lamps will keep you toasty and warm as you witness this city’s finest party people spill out into the streets in search of a good time.

Housed in a former church, the acoustics are perfect for live music, and unlike the former option, Quays serves food to go with its respectable selection of brews, so if you need to fuel up before going on a grand tour of Galway’s finest drinking establishments, this is the best place to accomplish this task.

O’Connell’s Bar

While many joints in Galway feel as if they are constantly packed to the gills with foreign tourists, O’Connell’s Bar feels like a refreshing exception to this trend, as it is frequented by many locals and Irish nationals that are in the city as students.

Combined with the homely atmosphere and an excellent beer garden out back, it’s a wonder that it hasn’t been discovered by the international crowd yet, so head here before this article blows the cover off this gem of a place.

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