Avoid Being Sent To The Poorhouse: Our European Travel Tips

photo by CC user missrogue on Flickr

Europe, with its vibrant food culture, lengthy and rich history, and its outstanding natural assets, has been at the top of many traveler’s list since time immemorial. However, it is not a cheap place to travel, with some spots being downright larcenous.

One should not let this fact deter them from seeing one of the best places on Earth for the wanderer, so bear in mind these financial European travel tips so that you can go on holiday here without having to declare bankruptcy upon your return home.

1) Need to go to the bathroom? Duck into a mall…

It seems that everything has an extravagant price in Europe, including the right to answer the call of nature. While pay toilets abound throughout much of the continent’s most popular destinations, there is a simple hack to prevent you from having to dip into your pocket every time you have to do a #2: use a mall or department store bathroom.

Much of the time, the W/C in shopping centers will be 100% free to use, as these commercial establishments make enough money to cover maintenance costs, and are aimed at locals instead of tourists, which is why many of the street level facilities are cravenly monetized.

2) Stay in hostels (even if you are an introvert)

Some of us prefer the privacy, quiet and comfort that comes with a hotel. However, this becomes exceedingly expensive through many of Europe’s leading cities. In these instances, it pays to bite the bullet and get a private room in a hostel in order to conserve your cash.

Unlike the backpackers living on a shoestring budget, you’ll still get your own space, the room will likely be far more atmospheric than you ever expected, and you’ll have the built in luxury of socializing with people at your leisure. Any time you tire of the experience, merely excuse yourself and retire to the solace of your private abode … win-win!

3) Get a Eurail pass

If you’re planning to do the grand tour of Europe’s many nations over a relatively short period of time, you will shelling out a small fortune in transport costs. As a result of this, it pays to get a Eurail pass before leaving for the Old World, as it will save you hundreds of dollars in train tickets over the course of your holiday, leaving more Euro notes for more important pursuits, like gulping back multiple steins of German wheat beer.

4) Travel in the shoulder season

Not only is negotiating your way through a sea of fellow tourists in the mucky heat of a European summer hell, costs at this time are much higher to take advantage of this fact. Winter, while much quieter, is still far from ideal, as the darkness, chill (and in some places, snow) that invades North America is also present in abundant quantities here as well.

Shoulder season occurs in the spring and fall, while colleges are still in session and people are still hard at work in their jobs. However, the weather is quite pleasant throughout these times, granting you a view of Europe as it was meant to be seen.

5) Go east, young man/woman…

While many of the continent’s timeless attractions are located in the west, the cost of living in many of those nations are through the roof, a fact that can take a hatchet to your budget in record time. Generally speaking, the further east you go in Europe, the further prices fall. There are just as many castles, indulgent foods, and spectacular nature in Romania, Slovenia and Albania as there is in the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland.

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