Staying in the Heart of Manhattan for $2.50 is Now Possible at NYC’s Hotel Penn

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Wandering the city streets of the Big Apple is something that everyone should experience once in their lifetime. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the chance to make this happen, especially travellers who are trying to adhere to a strict budget. Manhattan is often perceived as one of the more expensive cities of the world, and this perception is not far from the truth.

Luckily though, there is a chance to experience extreme comfort for amazing value at New York’s Hotel Penn in the heart of Manhattan. These accommodations can’t be beat in terms of cost, especially since it follows a strict “Best Rate Guarantee” policy. According to this, Hotel Penn will match the price of comparable hotels in the same area as long as you make the booking on 

But get this...

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Five Most Gorgeous Natural Attractions in Cairns, Australia


If you want to venture out to find new places far and wide, Cairns is the place to visit. Located in Australia, it continuously awes visitors with its magnificence and will surely give you a gorgeous surprise of a lifetime. If you want to tour this area, then opting for car rental Cairns would be a good idea. To genuinely encounter what Cairns is most known for, look at our rundown of exquisite normal locales to visit while there. Tropical and crowded with tourists, Cairns rests amidst the Great Barrier Reef, the lavish rainforests, and clouded level of the Atherton Tableland. Here is more to it:


  1. The Great Barrier Reef

Your visit to Cairns would begin with the most well known vacation spot of all, the Great Barrier Reef...

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Top 5 islands of the Philippines

Of all the islands of the Philippines, Coron might be the hidden gem you are looking for

Photo by CC user haundreis on Flickr

Looking for a paradise island to call your own? If you wish to pursue this ambitious goal, there are few better places in the world to search for your dream hideaway than in the Philippines.

With over 7,000 islands, this nation in the tropical Pacific has been largely overlooked by tourists over the years, making it prime hunting grounds for those looking for a place to get away from it all.

With companies like offering great deals on stays there, it is easy to sample many islands in the Philippines without having to worry about logistics.

If you are unsure where to start, we have a few suggestions that will get your travels in this intriguing nation rolling.

1) Palawan

Located far from other islands in the Visayas, Palawan’...

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Best meals to have on Little Corn Island


While most people come to the Corn Islands for the seclusion, the world class beaches and adventure, you might be surprised to find out that it’s becoming known for a quite a few excellent restaurants. With expats moving here at an increasing rate, Little Corn Island land for sale  is on the rise, and a number of eateries have opened in response to the demand that this has created.
When you visit Little Corn Island in the near future, be sure to have the following meals at the restaurants listed below…

Pulled pork barbecue dinner – Tranquilo Cafe

Of all the restaurants on Little Corn Island, Tranquilo Cafe is one of the most popular among visitors,  ranking #1 on TripAdvisor.

With a well-balanced menu of options that includes plenty of American favorites, it is no wonder that has atta...

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Sampling the best street food in Indonesia

Photo by CC user 65459962@N00 on Flickr

Indonesian street food is a joy that can be enjoyed anywhere in this country wherever there are hungry people and a street corner lined with carts.

However, some places are more renowned for their street food scene than others; Bandung, located in the highlands of West Java, is a city that is well-known among Indonesians for its high quality carts.

Located within a few hours of the massive city of Jakarta, hotels fill up here very quickly on weekends, so it is important that you book ahead using web sites such as

If you’re looking for a great choice without having to search through all the listings, we personally recommend Kastuba Resort, as its breathtaking views will captivate you when you get up for your morning cup of coffee.


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Experiencing the flavors of Hawaii

Photo by

Sitting out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii has blended the culinary traditions of Polynesia, America and Asia over the generations.

When on vacation here, make it your personal mission to experience the flavors of Hawaii, as there are many dishes and drinks that are just waiting to be discovered by passionate travelers like yourself.

Below, we will discuss some of the most prominent foods and beverages that you will find across the islands…

Hawaiian Shave Ice

No matter when you find yourself in Hawaii, the temperature is constantly on the warmer side of the scale.

Not surprisingly, ice cream is a very popular way to beat the heat, but a locally authentic way to do this is to get some Hawaiian Shave Ice instead.

Originating in Japan, immigrants to the Hawaiian islands brought t...

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Best food trucks and street food in Portland, Oregon

photo by CC user Shashi Bellamkonda on Flickr

Looking for the best street food in Portland, Oregon? This article will have us spill our guts on what we think are the most innovative food carts that can be found on the streets of America’s funkiest city… Portland is a cool place with lots more than just food, here are some of the best things to do in Portland besides visiting these great food trucks.

1) Picnic

Want to satiate your craving for meat and cheese slabbed between two thick slices of bread? If so, you’ll want to make Picnic your first food truck stop in Portland.

With even simple dishes like the BLT having its ingredients sourced and created with care (the bread is homemade and the bacon comes from local pigs that have had their flesh marinated in honey and black pepper), you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise if you think y...

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Airlines Are (Finally) Offering High-End Food

by thehipmunk

While some airlines have distinguished themselves with awesome in-flight entertainment options or stellar amenities in first, business, and economy class, for the most part airline food has failed to keep up with these new high-end innovations. Until now.

That’s right: Airlines are officially improving their menus, especially on domestic flights. From using fresh ingredients, to offering healthier options, to recruiting talented chefs to revamp their menus, airlines are going out of their way to make their food better, reports USA Today.

It’s hard to say exactly why airlines have suddenly started to up their food game, but odds are good that the increasing presence of higher-end eateries in airportsand consumer pressure are big factors...

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Eating Penang: a foodie’s guide

photo by CC user 19160878@N08 on Flickr

Penang has been widely lauded in the food and travel media over the past few years for the quality of its cuisine, especially from its street stalls.

In order to make the most of your meal times on this flavorful Malaysian island, we have pulled together a list of a few dishes that you should eat before pressing on to other destinations in this exotic country.

Check’em out below…

1) Assam Laksa

This sour seafood soup is one of Penang’s most famous dishes, so be sure to hunt down a bowl as soon as you get settled in the bustling city of Georgetown.

Usually made with poached mackerel, noodles, shrimp paste, lemongrass, tamarind and chillies, the broth and ingredients are bursting with flavor, so much so that leading food critics consider it to be among the world’s best street meals.

There a...

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The 6 Best Destinations in the U.S. for Chocolate Cake Lovers

by thehipmunk

We Americans love eating almost as much as we love excuses to celebrate. Luckily, some very smart men, women, and the odd industrial association or two granted our collective wishes over the years by instituting a number of “official” holidays dedicated to our favorite foods. Fan of soft pretzels? The whole month of April is dedicated to them. Chocolate lover? There are no fewer than 30 dayscelebrating different permutations of the stuff, with at least one occurring every month. With National Chocolate Cake Day right around the corner on January 27th, we at Hipmunk decided to share the chocolatey love and guide you to the best cocoa-laden slices in the country...

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