The Allure Of A “Forbidden” Land: Three Sights In Iran You Must See

Persepolis Ruins by CC user adavey on Flickr

Located on the eastern end of the region that comprises the Middle East, the nation of Iran has occupied a central place in its history, dating back thousands of years. While this country that contains much of the territory that made up the homeland of what once the mighty Persian empire, the lion’s share of travelers and tourists that visit the Middle East today have been avoiding Iran, due to its perceived danger in the wake of the Islamic Revolution that took place near the end of the 1970’s.

While there are visa restrictions in place for visitors from many Western nations, and actions that might be considered normal back home are frowned upon or could get you arrested here, the historical and cultural treasures that can be found within Iran’s borders make these annoyances and dangers ...

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Cape Town’s Trendiest Restaurants


These days, the ascending nation of South Africa has been turning heads with its recovery from the days of apartheid, charging forward into the 21st century as a diverse nation filled with creative people from multiple backgrounds.

Naturally, this embrace of multiculturalism has created an environment where new exciting business concepts have emerged; nowhere else has this been more true than in Cape Town. Being South Africa’s most picturesque coastal city, it has drawn people from not only all over South Africa, but from all over the world to live in a vibrant emerging global metropolis.

Travelers seem to agree, as they have been arriving in increasing numbers year over year...

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The North Is Calling And I Must Go: Experiencing Finnish Lapland This Winter


This fall, while the nippy winds are previewing the travails of the coming cold season, your friends and family will likely be wistfully dreaming of a warm tropical beach. While this will cause them to plan their holidays in a very predictable manner, your plans are running counter to theirs, as you actually love the snow and cold that comes with the most maligned season of all.

You desire to experience the best spots to embrace winter in the world, and this year, your sights have been squarely set on the northerly reaches of Finnish Lapland. Located around the portion of Scandinavia that sits at and above the Arctic Circle, if there is one place that is winter, this place is it.

Those willing to take a chance on this region will be rewarded for their courage, as there are many aspects to...

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The Best of South Africa’s National Parks


Occupying the bottom end of the most fascinating of the continents on Earth, South Africa isn’t exactly hurting when it comes to quality national parks. In fact, for those seeking to take in the very best that this nation has to offer, the problem becomes, which parks do I include to the exclusion of others?

Not an easy task, and to be honest, it will depends greatly on what interests you when it comes to natural reserves. Whether you want to go on safari, go walking amidst picturesque mountains, or walk through one of the world’s most harsh desert environments, South Africa’s national parks have your bases covered.

The following parks fill each need in admirably, and contain highlights you might not have expected. Let’s talk about each in detail, starting with…

Kruger National Park


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House Sitting: A Perfect Way For Nomads To Discover The Developed World


In the past five years, the mobile workforce (that is, the segment of the population able to conduct their work remotely from any place on the planet) has exploded, giving rise to the digital nomad. While some have achieved an income that has allowed them to live comfortably in just about any country on Earth, most presently only earn an amount that affords them a good lifestyle in lower cost areas of the globe.

Upon their return to the first world, it’s a monthly struggle to break even, even with travel costs deducted from their budget...

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Family Friendly Attractions Around Minnesota


Minnesota’s natural beauty and pristine waters have earned it the nickname “Land of 10,000 Lakes” although there is more to the state than just its outdoor splendor. Its towns and cities are home to a variety of family friendly attractions, with the following being some of the best for parents and their kids to enjoy.

Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium offers the chance to get up close and personal with a wide variety of marine creatures. Exhibits such as Jellyfish Discovery and a 300ft long Ocean Tunnel allows visitors to get a view of some of the thousands of sea animals that live in the aquarium. There is so much more though, with snorkeling and scuba diving, overnight stays, and behind-the-scenes tours some of the experiences on offer...

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Iconic Statues Around The World That Are Worth The Trip

Throughout the course of human civilization, people have erected likenesses of themselves and those that they have idolized. These works of art aimed to grant a sense of immortality to these people, or to an ideal in which they valued strongly. Their beauty, their power and their message has served as an inspiration to travelers that have seen them in times past, leading to others to follow in their footsteps, seeking the same experience that their forebearers had.

Every region, every country, and every continent, no matter how young or old, has these monuments dedicated to their heroes, their leaders and embodiments of their collective beliefs...

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Preparing For A Holiday In Papua New Guinea

If all the standard holiday getaways in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific are putting you off due to the full fledged invasion of party people in recent decades, you may be considering an alternative somewhere off the beaten track. While you might have some overlooked tiny atoll in mind, it might surprise you that one of the better options in this part of the world is hiding in plain sight from your map-scanning eyes.

This nation is none other than Papua New Guinea, which is one of the few remaining final frontiers in travel in the 21st century. Authentic cultures, wild jungles filled with species of plants and animals that have yet to be discovered by science, and unspoiled beaches can all be found here...

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Tourist to Traveler: 3 Essential Travel Etiquette Tips


As much as we may or may not love our home and chosen career, the time inevitably comes when we just need a break from the everyday. When this occasion strikes, air tickets are purchased, suitcases are jam-packed like a butcher stuffs a sausage casing, and the tired masses eagerly board planes due for a destination where they anticipate a week or two of rejuvenation under a tropical sun.

However, all too many go through these motions with nary a thought for the locals and fellow travelers that they are about to besiege with their off-base behavior. The tragic part of all this is that they often don’t realize that they are doing anything wrong...

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Nightlife in Sydney


It’s one of the most famous cities in the world, and for good reason. Sydney, which is the metropolitan state Capital of New South Wales in Australia, is a place where you will be spoilt for choice in terms of entertainment options, especially at night.

This bustling city seems to be bar-central, with tons of bars available for locals and foreigners to visit at any time of the day. As a starting point, why not visit the Hard Rock café for a spectacular view of the city? Rock memorabilia adorns the interior of this famous franchise, which seats over 500 people and is beautifully situated on Darling Harbour. If you are a fan of live music, then this is the place to be...

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