3 Whitewater Rivers You Need To Run This Summer


While summer is now in full effect across much of the Northern Hemisphere, along with this much anticipated heat comes the unwelcome sensation that high humidity brings. Acting like a proverbial wet blanket that no amount of showers can clear away, the search for relief from this scourge can drive one mad.

If this is your predicament at the moment, might we kindly suggest a solution that won’t just provide relief, but will also stoke your need for adventure and fellowship with like-minded individuals? By taking to rushing rivers where cold spring water and melt water from snow and glaciers, you’ll get a full-fledged dose of cool, mixed in with a shot of adrenaline to boot!

In the coming months, hit up the following rivers if you haven’t done so already, and prepare for adventure that will prove to be the highlight of your summer!

1) Fraser River, British Columbia, Canada

There are a couple of places where you can ride the turbulent rapids of British Columbia’s longest river. Near Mount Robson in extreme eastern B.C. is where this long waterway begins its twisty journey to the Pacific Ocean, and while it is not a massive channel that it is when it reaches the lazy deltas of the Greater Vancouver area, the narrow steep descent of its early kilometres will have you hooting and hollering at almost every turn, with waves of frigid water that will pile drive you with alarming regularity.

Further down the river in Fraser Canyon, experience the power of Hell’s Gate with the assistance an outboard motor off the back of your raft, as the steep walls of this turbulent part of the Fraser River only act to make it the wildest ride you’ll ever taken on an inflatable boat!

2) Gauley River, West Virginia, USA

While the rivers of the west get much of the attention in the United States, the truth of the matter is that some of the rest whitewater rafting in the country can be had in the humble state of West Virginia. The Gauley River is one of the most popular routes here, as the river channels here snake their way between granite boulders and steep canyon walls.

With its southerly location in America giving it a longer season than similar operations in the Mountain West, tours run well into the fall, allowing you to challenge yourself as the brilliant colours of Autumn blaze all around you.

3) Tulley River, Queensland, Australia

If you have a trip to Australia planned for this summer, plan a run down the Tully River in Queensland. Rushing towards the Pacific Ocean near Cairns, this lively set of rapids will see you challenge the cool but not cold water of tropical Australia, as dense rainforest and waterfalls from tributaries jet additional water all around you.

Given this destination’s popularity with the backpacking set, your journey is likely to be an energetic one, as your fellow participants and guides will likely be a member of this young, mobile cohort.

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