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5 of the Best Winter Sun Holidays Around the World 


Looking for the perfect way to escape the chilling temperature form your city or country? Well, start packing your bags now and take a trip to five of the winter sun holiday destinations that we will recommend below, each with its unique personality and the promise of providing you with new travel memories that you will forever treasure.


Popularly known as Myanmar, this Asian country is currently one of the hottest destinations, especially for young travelers who are looking for winter sun holidays. It has just recently opened its doors to tourists, which is why it still holds a charm that many people find fascinating. However, when planning a trip in Burma, do not expect to see progressive cities...

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5 City Breaks to Enjoy with the Family


We always should give priority to our family and spend as much time as possible with our family. But it does not happen all the time as we all are busy with our work. But when we get a break, we try and go on a family vacation. City breaks are always very popular family holiday options. Here are 5 wonderful city breaks that you can consider for your next family vacation:


Paphos is a superb family vacation friendly city in Cyprus with vast archaeological sites, the palm-fringed seafront, caper plants that grow on the Mediterranean’s edges, the wild fennel and a vast blue sky. The official Archaeological Site in Paphos is grand and surely the richest in the south’s archaeological locales...

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites We’ve Got on Our Bucket List

by thehipmunk

These UNESCO World Heritage Sites have us itching to pack our bags and hit the road ASAP!

Iguaçu National Park

Why It’s Awesome: On the border of Argentina and Brazil, Iguaçu National Park is home to one of the world’s most impressive waterfalls. Let’s just say it makes Niagara Falls look like amateur hour.

Getting There: Take a 90-minute flight from Sao Paulo or a two hour flight from Rio de Janeiro.

Where to Stay: Book a hotel in Iguazú with views of the falls, like the Sheraton Iguazú Resort and Spa.

City of Bath

Why It’s Awesome: Bath is a reminder of just how far-reaching the Roman Empire once was. Here you’ll see ancient Roman baths built around natural hot springs...

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Dishes you must eat in Sicily

photo by CC user Paoletta S. on Flickr

There are many amazing regions to visit in Italy. However, few appeal so strongly to foodies than the island of Sicily.

Representing the soccer ball on a map of Italy, the culture of this corner of the nation is strong, and needs to be experienced first hand to appreciate it properly.

With that in mind, here are several dishes you must eat in Sicily…

1) Arancini

When you are walking the streets of popular Sicilian centres such as Palmero and Messina, keep your eye out for Arancini, as it is a popular street food that will prime your appetite for the more elaborate meals that are to come.

Arancini are stuffed rice balls that are covered in breadcrumbs, and then deep-fried. The filling varies from place to place, but it usually is filled with cheese, peas, and meat/tomato sauce...

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Make 2016 the year you discover Charleston

photo by CC user daveynin on Flickr

Looking to explore America this summer? Make this the year that you discover Charleston. A charming southern city that has stayed more or less the same since the Antebellum days, walking its streets are often an attraction in themselves.

If you are looking for a bit more to do than that. Be sure to add the following points of interest to your itinerary…

1) Stroll the City Market

With abundant fertile farmland surrounding Charleston, its no surprise that its City Market is the place to be on any given day.

With numerous gourmet food vendors, as well as many other artisans that deal in goods such as shoes, jewelry and the market’s signature craft (sweetgrass baskets), you’ll find it hard to leave the grounds without having made at least one impulse purchase.

2) Tour a plantation house


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6 Boutique Hotels with Amazing Cocktail Bars

by thehipmunk

Much like a stellar cocktail, a high-quality cocktail bar results from the perfect mixture of “ingredients”: ambience, ingenuity, attention to detail, and upscale tastes. At each of these boutique hotels, these elements combine to form some of the greatest bars around.

1. ALMA Barcelona, Barcelona

This five-star hotel boasts upscale bedding, marble bathrooms, personalized service, and other luxury amenities—not the least of which is ALMA’s restaurant and bar. The highly acclaimed bar features handcrafted cocktails that pair well with the restaurant’s gourmet cuisine. Guests can enjoy their drinks in the upscale restaurant, at the bar, or on the hotel’s rooftop terrace, which promises great city views.

2. B2 Boutique Hotel and Spa, Zurich

The Library Lounge at B...

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