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Exploring the cultural treasures of Egypt

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Want to discover the cultural treasures of Egypt? Despite the fear in the media, foreign tourists that take proper common sense precautions will be safe here, and they will not have to contend with crowds at any of the following essential attractions in this country…

1) Pyramids at Giza

This attraction needn’t have any introduction, as it is THE cultural asset that people from around the globe associate with Egypt when its name is spoken in causal conversation. Standing up to the forces of man and nature for almost 5,000 years, the Pyramids of Giza is the last remaining wonder of the ancient world that still stands today.

Serving as a tomb for some of the oldest Pharaohs of Egyptian civilization, it is an attraction that is practically mandatory for visitors to Egypt...

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Mississippi Wins Christmas with the Polar Express

by thehipmunk

“The Polar Express” is coming to life in Batesville, Mississippi this winter. While the classic children’s book was first animated on the big screen in 2004, the real life version will operate at select times between November 20 and December 27 this year, reports Travel Pulse. The Christmas-themed train is expected to attract 30,000 to 40,000 riders eager to join the excursion, which transports travelers between Southaven and Canton, MS.

Those aboard the train will be entertained by dancing chefs, singing elves, and a read-along of the book that inspired it all while enjoying hot chocolate and cookies. They’ll also get to greet Santa Claus and his helpers in Pope, MS, just over seven miles into the trek...

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Best new restaurants in London in 2015

photo by CC user 55935853@N00 on Flickr

London has long been a crucible for some of the best food in the world, so when one visits here, they can generally expect to eat well (though not for cheap, sadly). If you are looking to sample the best new restaurants in London in 2015, this post will reveal to you three of our top choices….

1) Piquet

For a capital city of a country that sits right across the English Channel from France, you’d think London would have more French restaurants. Being a global crossroads though, a variety of different cuisine types and fusions have squeezed out French as a choice for new aspiring restauranteurs, which makes Piquet an interesting case study.

Boasting a menu that changes on a monthly basis, and uses the freshest of ingredients, Piquet has thrived despite being located in a bit of a drab neigh...

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Exploring Amsterdam’s Undiscovered North

by thehipmunk

Once overlooked by travelers, the borough of Amsterdam Noord has developed into a thriving artistic community, a spot for dance and music festivals, and an escape from Amsterdam’s chaotic and touristy center.

The borough was once the industrial site of one of Europe’s largest shipyards. From 1922 until 1984 — when the Nederlandsche Dock Company went bankrupt — supertanker, cargo, and passenger ships were meticulously built and carefully launched into the IJ Lake to sail around the world. Now visitors can explore the repurposed buildings and forests for an eclectic Amsterdam experience many tourists haven’t yet seen.

Getting There

The borough is only a short free ferry away on the opposite side of the IJ Lake, directly behind Amsterdam Central Station...

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