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Delighting in Santa Fe’s Culture

by thehipmunk

It’s the oldest town in the Southwest, but Santa Fe offers a tremendous assortment of modern sights and attractions intermingled with the historic sites for travelers to explore. Although visitors love to dive into the many cultural destinations on an extended stay, it’s possible to enjoy the best of the city in a single day. This exciting itinerary showcases the best of Santa Fe and leaves you wanting to come back for more.

Enjoy Views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains 7 a.m.


Image via Trover by Celia Luz

In the high altitude of Santa Fe, hiking can prove hard on the lungs, but the paved walkway to the Cross of the Martyrs is manageable even if you haven’t acclimatized...

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Yummy Foods, Happy Bellies: Preventing Mishaps in Adventurous Eating

by thehipmunk

Tongue-tickling spice combinations. Unfamiliar ingredients. New delicacies to explore. Half the fun of venturing to exotic locales is sampling new foods. Unfortunately, adventurous eating can also lead to an unhappy belly. Take advantage of a couple simple tricks to stave off disastrous travel sickness.

Seek Out Local Know-How

Looking for the best som tam and pad thai the street stalls of Thailand have to offer? Ask a local. Poll the front desk staff at your hotel in Bangkok for their favorite place to munch on street food. Let them know you’re not looking for an official recommendation so much as a friendly one, for the places where you might run into them snacking on a night off. Establishments frequented by locals are likely to be appetizing, affordable and authentic...

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4 Reasons to Visit the Roman Catacombs

by thehipmunk

In ancient Rome, burial within the city walls was forbidden. The pagan culture of the second and third centuries preferred cremation, despite the objections of the Christian minority. As land for graveyards was scarce, the Christians of the day cultivated a sense of community away from the public eye by digging burial tunnels into the soft volcanic rock called tufo.

These ancient sites can now be found on the outskirts of the city, along major roadways and close to many Roman hotels. History buffs will find them a fascinating way to experience early Christian art, and to visit the resting places of numerous saints and martyrs.

St. Callixtus and St. Sebastian Catacombs

Both are located along Via Appia Antica and are reminders of religious persecution before Christianity was...

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Here’s How You Can Save On Your Travel Expenses


What’s different about the fanatic travelers across the world? They urge to travel a variety of places, not just for any other family vacation or at relatives place, but for the enthusiasm they experience through such travel. Apart from learning and acknowledging beauty through travels, a core factor of effective money saving is very needy for further travels in future. So what to follow for building up a bank in your pockets through the cash needed to pile up? Below are a few tips for solving the problems for every travel enthusiast:

1) Use the tool named Skyscanner

Now, you travel buffs can have the answer for the question of “Which flight tickets to book for cheap and what are the most suitable days for travel?” Skyscanner lets you know what time is the cheapest for traveling various...

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Making Romantic Moves In Nashville, The Music City

Nashville is the city that provides visitors and inhabitants with an unparalleled world of access to America’s greenest parks, freshest eats, and twangiest, tune-blaring venues. Dress to impress and call that friendly passenger you met on the plane, the fellow traveler who accepted your card at baggage claim, or the bright-eyed receptionist in the lobby of your fashionable hotel. Invite that kindred spirit to join you for the a date night to remember. Nashville awaits, y’all, and we’ve rounded up the best spots to kindle new romance (or re-spark old flames).

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.05.55 PM

Warner Parks

Treat your date to an afternoon at Warner Parks. Located 9 miles south ofdowntown Nashville, Warner Parks — comprised of Edwin and Percy Warner Parks, both historic sites divided by Old Hickory Boulevard — includes...

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