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5 Must Have Bangkok Experiences


Beautiful Bangkok, the city that never sleeps. From the parties on Khao San road to the temples with ancient statues and everything in between, any traveler will find events and sights to suit their fancy. No matter what type of traveler you are, there are a few must have experiences and can’t miss sights. Even if you only have a quick stopover, don’t miss these top 5 experiences so you’ll get the real Bangkok experience.

Khao San Road

Khao San Road is backpacker central due to most of the cheap hotels in Bangkok being in this area. Your senses will be tested as you walk down this street. Street vendors will pull you into their stalls trying to peddle their wares. This is a great place to pick up cheap souvenirs for those at home...

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Best pubs in Galway, Ireland

photo by CC user 27181956@N08 on Flickr

While Dublin has many charms for foreign visitors, it is only the front door to the gorgeous nation that is Ireland. As one explores the remainder of this nation, they are bound to come across the western port city of Galway.

With only 70,000 people, this portion of the country feels much more like the authentic Emerald Isle that one would expect to see when arriving here from abroad. One element of that legend is Ireland’s pub scene, which is something that Galway excels at exceptionally.

In that vein, the best pubs in Galway will deliver an evening out that will satisfy your greatest expectations.

Tig Coili

If an authentic Irish pub atmosphere is what you are after, then spending some time at Tig Coili will ensure that your night out in Galway will be a gratifying one...

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Unmissable places to visit in Cuba


The Republic of Cuba is an island in the Caribbean Sea, and Havana, the largest city on the island, is its capital. Unsurprisingly, Cuba is fast becoming a popular tourist destination with holidaymakers from around the world because it has so much to offer, and its popularity is increasing year on year.

Sun, sea and beautiful beaches are synonymous with Cuba. Whether you want an action packed water sports holiday or you just want to relax all day and top up your tan, this is the place for you. Nevertheless, Cuba is also a place that’s full of history and there are many wonderful sites to see on the island which shouldn’t be missed.

Old Havana and its Fortification System

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the heart and soul of Cuba and is renowned for its beautiful architecture, cobbled s...

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