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Why you should give yourself a travel break in 2015

photo by CC user anniferrr on Flickr

Did you charge through 2014 like a warrior, killing it at work? If so, congratulations! You have advanced your career immeasurably by doing so, which is what the 97% of folks who just coast in their positions will never muster up the ambition to do. However, it is time you took some vacation time not just to celebrate, but to recharge.

While high achievers love to brag about their workaholic habits, such a pace is not sustainable, no matter how much bravado that might come with it. Don’t worry: this pause won’t hurt you. In fact, it will likely catapult you to new heights in the weeks and months that follow.

Before you commit us to the insane asylum, here are three killer reasons why you need to give yourself a travel break in 2015…

Travel is the muse that you have been looking for

When y...

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