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The North Is Calling And I Must Go: Experiencing Finnish Lapland This Winter


This fall, while the nippy winds are previewing the travails of the coming cold season, your friends and family will likely be wistfully dreaming of a warm tropical beach. While this will cause them to plan their holidays in a very predictable manner, your plans are running counter to theirs, as you actually love the snow and cold that comes with the most maligned season of all.

You desire to experience the best spots to embrace winter in the world, and this year, your sights have been squarely set on the northerly reaches of Finnish Lapland. Located around the portion of Scandinavia that sits at and above the Arctic Circle, if there is one place that is winter, this place is it.

Those willing to take a chance on this region will be rewarded for their courage, as there are many aspects to...

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The Best of South Africa’s National Parks


Occupying the bottom end of the most fascinating of the continents on Earth, South Africa isn’t exactly hurting when it comes to quality national parks. In fact, for those seeking to take in the very best that this nation has to offer, the problem becomes, which parks do I include to the exclusion of others?

Not an easy task, and to be honest, it will depends greatly on what interests you when it comes to natural reserves. Whether you want to go on safari, go walking amidst picturesque mountains, or walk through one of the world’s most harsh desert environments, South Africa’s national parks have your bases covered.

The following parks fill each need in admirably, and contain highlights you might not have expected. Let’s talk about each in detail, starting with…

Kruger National Park


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