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House Sitting: A Perfect Way For Nomads To Discover The Developed World


In the past five years, the mobile workforce (that is, the segment of the population able to conduct their work remotely from any place on the planet) has exploded, giving rise to the digital nomad. While some have achieved an income that has allowed them to live comfortably in just about any country on Earth, most presently only earn an amount that affords them a good lifestyle in lower cost areas of the globe.

Upon their return to the first world, it’s a monthly struggle to break even, even with travel costs deducted from their budget...

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Family Friendly Attractions Around Minnesota


Minnesota’s natural beauty and pristine waters have earned it the nickname “Land of 10,000 Lakes” although there is more to the state than just its outdoor splendor. Its towns and cities are home to a variety of family friendly attractions, with the following being some of the best for parents and their kids to enjoy.

Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium offers the chance to get up close and personal with a wide variety of marine creatures. Exhibits such as Jellyfish Discovery and a 300ft long Ocean Tunnel allows visitors to get a view of some of the thousands of sea animals that live in the aquarium. There is so much more though, with snorkeling and scuba diving, overnight stays, and behind-the-scenes tours some of the experiences on offer...

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Iconic Statues Around The World That Are Worth The Trip

Throughout the course of human civilization, people have erected likenesses of themselves and those that they have idolized. These works of art aimed to grant a sense of immortality to these people, or to an ideal in which they valued strongly. Their beauty, their power and their message has served as an inspiration to travelers that have seen them in times past, leading to others to follow in their footsteps, seeking the same experience that their forebearers had.

Every region, every country, and every continent, no matter how young or old, has these monuments dedicated to their heroes, their leaders and embodiments of their collective beliefs...

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