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Preparing For A Holiday In Papua New Guinea

If all the standard holiday getaways in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific are putting you off due to the full fledged invasion of party people in recent decades, you may be considering an alternative somewhere off the beaten track. While you might have some overlooked tiny atoll in mind, it might surprise you that one of the better options in this part of the world is hiding in plain sight from your map-scanning eyes.

This nation is none other than Papua New Guinea, which is one of the few remaining final frontiers in travel in the 21st century. Authentic cultures, wild jungles filled with species of plants and animals that have yet to be discovered by science, and unspoiled beaches can all be found here...

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Tourist to Traveler: 3 Essential Travel Etiquette Tips


As much as we may or may not love our home and chosen career, the time inevitably comes when we just need a break from the everyday. When this occasion strikes, air tickets are purchased, suitcases are jam-packed like a butcher stuffs a sausage casing, and the tired masses eagerly board planes due for a destination where they anticipate a week or two of rejuvenation under a tropical sun.

However, all too many go through these motions with nary a thought for the locals and fellow travelers that they are about to besiege with their off-base behavior. The tragic part of all this is that they often don’t realize that they are doing anything wrong...

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Nightlife in Sydney


It’s one of the most famous cities in the world, and for good reason. Sydney, which is the metropolitan state Capital of New South Wales in Australia, is a place where you will be spoilt for choice in terms of entertainment options, especially at night.

This bustling city seems to be bar-central, with tons of bars available for locals and foreigners to visit at any time of the day. As a starting point, why not visit the Hard Rock café for a spectacular view of the city? Rock memorabilia adorns the interior of this famous franchise, which seats over 500 people and is beautifully situated on Darling Harbour. If you are a fan of live music, then this is the place to be...

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3 Whitewater Rivers You Need To Run This Summer


While summer is now in full effect across much of the Northern Hemisphere, along with this much anticipated heat comes the unwelcome sensation that high humidity brings. Acting like a proverbial wet blanket that no amount of showers can clear away, the search for relief from this scourge can drive one mad.

If this is your predicament at the moment, might we kindly suggest a solution that won’t just provide relief, but will also stoke your need for adventure and fellowship with like-minded individuals? By taking to rushing rivers where cold spring water and melt water from snow and glaciers, you’ll get a full-fledged dose of cool, mixed in with a shot of adrenaline to boot!

In the coming months, hit up the following rivers if you haven’t done so already, and prepare for adventure that will...

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