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Traditional Food And Drinks Of The Maldives

maldive food

As an island with a strong Indian, Sri Lankan and Arabic influence, the picturesque islands of The Maldives are a culinary paradise, with fresh fish and curry dominating the menus of the countless luxury resorts in these tropical islands.

Here we take a look at some of the most popular dishes of the Maldives, ideal if you’re preparing for holiday or simply planning to surprise friends with an alternative to the traditional dinner party.


Fish Dishes

Being an island nation fish is readily available and accounts for the majority of Maldivian specialities, Particular favourites include Skipjack Tuna, Mushimas, Kuruma and Fiyala, all of which are used in the same way and boiled before the larger fish are used to make curries and soups while the smaller pieces are dried and used as ing...

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Byron Bay, Australia: Seaside Escape

Byron Bay Austalia
Dotting the shoreline of New South Wales Australia is a seaside town that boasts some of the best whale and sea turtle watching on the cape. Byron Bay captures some of the greatest views of the ocean. The rocky shores of lighthouses paint the canvas of the area. Consider opting for a car hire to help with your local touring to capture what is considered one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

Natural Attractions

Byron Bay offers the outdoor enthusiast a range of activities. Follow the lighthouse trail, a hefty walk or light car ride up the coast with several lighthouses leading to the Cape Byron Lighthouse. This excursion can lead to Arakwal National Park, which allows use of some beautiful untouched walks to the beach as well as excellent bird watching. The crowds are low as well...

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